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2017-07-21 00:11:53 by bodom-child

Well I haven't made a post in 7 years it seems...

I've been coming to this site for a very long time and it still is quite entertaining... 

if you're so smart

2010-12-05 21:22:14 by bodom-child

explain this clarissa - pow you're so smart
come hold me fergusun - come on and ride me now
come hold me fergusun - well i said i got nothing
come hold me ferguson - come hold me ferguson - come hold me ferguson
come on come on come on ride it ride it pow

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We should totally do this.

2010-07-28 03:36:56 by bodom-child

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seriously, lets get it done.

should be a fun fucking day

2009-10-07 01:48:14 by bodom-child

NASA to bomb the moon


2009-06-27 15:14:55 by bodom-child

He walks among us


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tiem for UFOz!

2009-01-27 00:50:23 by bodom-child

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Today feels

2009-01-19 17:39:52 by bodom-child

Today feels like I have to take a huge dump but it just won't come out, tommorow finally that shit will come out and we'll be able to flush it like we've all wanted to the past 8 years

Pot is too dangerous

2009-01-02 00:16:42 by bodom-child

to be kept illegal.

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